Wager Types

Overview Wager Types

Here is an easy overview of the types of wagers available at the different Sportsbooks. Check your Sportsbook to see what wagers are available.

Straight Wager

Your selection needs to win.

Point Spread Wager

Your selection has to win by more than (or lose by less than) the adjusted line.

Over/Under Totals

You can bet on the total score of the game. You can bet the final combined score of the two participating teams will be "over" or "under" a specified total. Over/Unders are always -110 unless otherwise noted.

Action Point Wager

An Action Points wager allows the bettor to maximize the payoff of a large straight wager while minimizing the risk. The wager will pay off for each point your team covers over the spread or be liable for each point they don't cover by. A point cap (total points in "action) is selected as well as value for each point. The wager is on the amount of points over or under the point spread the team chosen will win by (or not lose by in the case of an underdog). The odds are the same as a straight bet, -110 or each $11 risked pays out $10. The wager is a wise way of minimizing your risk in a game where you believe the lines are not an accurate prediction of the outcome of the game (a big upset or a big blowout).

Combinations Wager (Parlays)

By combining different wagers from different sports you can increase your potential payout. All of your selections must win for a combination wager to win. Any ties take that game off of your combination and reduce your combination by one.


A Pleaser is a special type of parlay that pays better odds than a standard parlay for moving the point spread or total against your favor. Essentially you make it more difficult for each wager in the Pleaser to win in return for payoff odds nearly 3 times higher than normal parlay odds. This is the exact opposite of a Teaser. In order to win, all the bets in the Pleaser must win by the new adjusted line. This bet is an excellent way to maximize winnings in games where the lines do not accurately predict the true outcome.

Teaser Wagers

A teaser wager allows you to make a combination bet with the point spread adjusted or "teased" in your favour. Any ties take that game off of your combination and reduce your combination by one.
Special Teaser Wagers
There are also two special teaser wagers called "Sweetheart Teasers". These are always 3 team teasers where ties lose. You must win all three games in order for your teaser to win.

Future Wagers

Future wagers are bets on events that will take place in the future. Normally done with major sports events.

If Bets

The IF Bet is a string of straight bets linked together. The outcome of each bet in order determines if the next bet is placed or not. The first bet in the IF bet is the only bet which is actually placed, any other bets in the IF are dependent on the outcome of the first and each subsequent bet is dependent on the outcome of the previous bet. "If" the first bet wins, then the second bet will be placed, if the second bet wins, then the third bet will be placed. The bettor has the option to choose whether the bets are placed on wins only, or on wins, pushes, or cancels.

Propositions and Special Wagers

Proposition and special wagers are all other wagers that are not covered by the other wager types. This includes wagers such as golf match-ups, individual player wagers and other types of bets.